About the Author

Tom was born in what was then Peking, China during that turbulent time of Mao’s communist revolution. His missionary parents evacuated with their infant son and daughter back to Canada and the preacher’s kids grew up and attended school first in Niagara Falls and then in Hamilton.

After graduating from McMaster University, Tom has spent much of his career working in the distilled spirits industry in various positions including quality control and purchasing, first in Waterloo, Ontario and later in Calgary, Alberta. It was during his Waterloo days that he started running for fun and fitness and his running buddies coaxed him through his first 10Ks and eventually the Boston Marathon. He reports that while organized running is in the distant past he continues to maintain some modest mileage in order to try to keep up with the grandkids.

Tom lives with his wife in Ottawa. Both lifelong readers, they consider some quiet time with a good book one of life’s necessities. While his previous publications have been short newspaper articles, Finders Keepers is Tom’s first novel.